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My sweet spot is developing messaging and visual personalities with small teams on tight deadlines — I love the energy and focus. The clients I serve want help connecting with their audiences and are looking for that shot of mojo to get to the next level. To keep the quality of work high and stay cost effective, we follow a streamlined process, which also helps the team stay engaged and in sync. 

let's have fun and do

smart work

the mojo factory

It's great to meet potential clients in person — even if it's a skype chat. Good chemistry is important for clear and easy communication. Once I have a basic handle on your project and goals, you'll receive a proposal that includes an overview of your situation, a list of steps to complete each phase, a budget and a timeline. This is an opportunity for you to ask questions about the process and learn precisely what you'll be seeing each step of the way.
The communication strategy worksheet is the heart of the project. This is a 10-page document that covers everything from how your company started to the emotional needs of your customers. It also includes researching the competition and interviewing customers. I get a deeper understanding of your situation and begin to intuit emotional connections we can make with your audience. Collaborating on the worksheet has several benefits: We challenge assumptions, we create fertile ground for insights and we agree upon the rational framework that will shape the creative.
There's usually a specific deliverable that is needed, like a website. For the first creative presentation, I would apply creative concepts to that deliverable. So if you were looking for messaging and visual branding and your first deliverable was a website, I'd present rough home page designs. From this demonstration, you'd have a clear idea of your new brand story and look and feel.
Sticking with the website project, I'd refine the creative based on your feedback and design the rest of the site using our agreed upon site map. I usually provide the high level messages for the home page and sub pages and the client provides the body text. To keep us on budget, we aim for client sign-off in two rounds. Final files include all web pages with complete artwork and content in place.  
For the last stage of the website example, I'd submit approved photoshop files and design notes to the developer. (I've been working with the same wonderful guy for 14 years.) We'd work closely to implement the site until everything looked great and functioned flawlessly. Your site would be launched and after a few weeks of testing, the developer and I would do a little polishing and debugging. 
Once we've gone through the worksheet exercise together, I can hop onto any of your marketing communication projects well prepped and able to execute on brand quickly. For some clients, the worksheet has continued to evolve as we learn more about their customers.
*I usually manage all of the production for whatever marketing materials we develop. This includes collateral, trade show displays, and print and digital advertising. If you have vendors you like, I'm happy to work with them as well.
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