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Feeling bummed out by the negativity on social media, I started texting positive messages to friends. The "good thoughts" were simple and sometimes silly but my friends liked the mood boosts. This habit evolved to a little web app that texts beautiful art with thought provoking messages. We've just launched the mobile version that enables users to easily share the daily messages across social media. I named and designed the app and the website and create all of the daily Goodthoughts. You can learn more about our humble little app here:

Happy Users

Your Goodthoughts arrive every day of the week at the time of your choosing.

be the one

who listens




there is

such a thing

as sacred


george mac donald

The need to make a difference, even a tiny one.

Beyond hoping to make your moment or day a little richer, we're striving to add more positivity to the social media world. We spend time resizing each message for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn so that you'll spread good vibes everywhere!

Goodthoughts Club

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Goodthoughts Club is a humble labor of love to inspire a little positivity in the world. Quotes, thoughts and insights are designed with beautiful photography and illustration for you to enjoy and share wherever you'd like!

Daily messages to give you

an attitude boost and fresh perspective.

Treat your


like bad advice.

"It's my morning reset moment."

- Melanie, Sebastopol

"There have been days when I did not want to get out of bed and zing, my morning Goodthought shifts my attitude. It's surprising how an image and thought can make me feel connected and optimistic — a little shot of hopefulness."

- Brian, San Francisco

"I miss the days when I don't get Goodthoughts. They help me notice my attitude and tweak the tone for the day."

- Ron, Oakland

"Goodthoughts speaks to that voice inside without being preachy or patronizing."

- Lauren, Palm Springs

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